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A Letters of Thanks

The following are some of the numerous e-mails Rolling Hills has received from appreciative veterans and their families.

Let me first apologize for taking so long to respond to your kindness. Recently on a trip to Washington for a reunion of Marines who served together in Viet Nam, I was asked by a Scout if I were a veteran I responded yes at which time she said Thank You and handed me a candy bar . Words cannot express how I felt hearing the words of Thank You from that Scout. I thank all the Scouts of Troop # 811 for the time they gave as well as the fund raisers that must have been done to finance their trip and purchase their items to honor the veterans of this country. When I travel through or just hear of New Jersey I will think of Troop #811. Again I thank you for your patriotism.
Semper Fi
Roger E Ouellette USMC Viet Nam 1965-1966, 1969-1970
New Bedford, MA.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
I live in northern Virginia. Veteran's Day weekend I was privileged to have my parents and older sister visit from Massachusetts -- my parents for their first time. As part of our touring, we visited the World War II Memorial. My father, who is now 80, is a World War II Veteran. We went to the memorial on Saturday, November 11th -- it was only a coincidence that it was Veteran's Day, we were not taking part in any of the gatherings or memorial services. I dropped my family off and went to find a parking spot, as there were none near the memorial.

About 20 minutes later, I was able to rejoin my family at the memorial. My father told the story of what had happened while I was gone. A Girl Scout came up to him and asked him if he was a World War II Veteran. When he replied in the affirmative, she gave him a candy bar which had a wrapper with Hero written on it. He was really touched by this. I know of no other time in his life that he has been recognized as a veteran.

I understand that when he got back home he proudly showed the candy bar to other family members and friends. He still has the candy bar -- he hasn't eaten it yet and I don't know that he ever will. On the wrapper was written the Girls Scouts of the Rolling Hills Council address and web site; and also Troop 811.

I would like to thank the Rolling Hills Council, Troop 811 Leaders, and the girls in Troop 811 for honoring my father in the way that they did. I think the fact that a young girl was involved made it even more meaningful. I suspect that children often do not know the significance of what they are doing in times like this but please try to explain it to the girls and thank them for me and my family. You honored and blessed my father by your actions and I sincerely appreciate and thank you for this.

Gordon Cortis
McLean, Virginia

View photo of Troop 811 with veterans in DC (2005)