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Planning for Troop Camping

   Facilities/Fees (pdf file)
   Site Availability
   Reservation Procedures
   Camp DeWitt Use
      Arrival & Departure
      Fires & Stoves
      Program Center Use

Forms (pdf files)
   Camp Usage Application
   Trip/Camping Notification
   Clean-Up Check List
Safety at Camp DeWitt

  • There is only one allotted car per site. Emergency vehicles must be able to reach the camp sites.
  • No parking, stopping or standing on camp roadways. Park in designated parking areas only. Observe mandatory parking pattern
  • Visitors to DeWitt must park at pole barn or pool parking lots.
  • Two full fire buckets must be kept at all fire rings when in use.
  • All campfires must be contained in the fire rings and must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Campfires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished completely before leaving.
  • No gasoline in lanterns, stoves or heaters is allowed.
  • The bell located behind DeWitt Cabin is for emergency use only. Ring bell only in an emergency situation.
  • No open flames or smoking inside tents. Smoking only permitted in fire rings and never in view of campers.
  • No running or chewing gum at camp.
  • Campers should not be allowed to roam unchaperoned. Use "buddy system" at all times.
  • Wear shoes and socks at all times. No bare feet.
  • Do not approach, touch or feed any wild animal and report one that looks sick or injured to the ranger immediately.
  • Do not eat or store any food in tents!
  • Keep all garbage in a sealed plastic bag until you dispose of it properly in the pole barn dumpster.
  • Use pay phone in DeWitt Cabin or Program Center for emergency phone calls.
  • Troops using DeWitt Cabin or Program Center must allow access to others for emergency phone use.
  • In case of a fire emergency, call Fire Department immediately. Don't be afraid to use a fire extinguisher for a fire emergency. However notify ranger immediately so it can be replaced.
  • The smoke detectors are there for your safety. Do not touch or disconnect them!
  • Alcohol, firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited at GSRHC Facilities - see Policy Manual.
Storm Shelters

The following buildings are considered storm shelters:
   DeWitt Cabin
   Program Center Basement
   Hawley Cabin
   Pole Barn

Should a sudden violent thunder and lightning storm move into camp, proceed to the nearest storm shelter, unless otherwise instructed. Avoid areas where you'll be the highest object. In open flat areas find the lowest point. Drop to a crouched knee position and bend forward, putting your hands on you knees. Stay away from isolated trees and buildings. Stand clear from doors, windows, stoves and chimneys. In the pole barn, stay away from the walls. The building has lightning rods that will divert any lightning that may hit. Avoid contact with sinks, faucets, piping and phones.

If you are experiencing rainy days at camp, you may stay in the shelter of your site, tents, cabin, outdoor kitchen if you choose. Rain gear is always a good idea.

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