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Planning for Troop Camping

   Facilities/Fees (pdf file)
   Site Availability
   Reservation Procedures
   Camp DeWitt Use
      Arrival & Departure
      Fires & Stoves
      Program Center Use

Forms (pdf files)
   Camp Usage Application
   Trip/Camping Notification
   Clean-Up Check List
Guidelines for DeWitt Program Center Use

We hope your stay is a pleasant one and ask that you help in the following ways to ensure a pleasant experience for all Girl Scouts. Security deposit may be kept, if guidelines are not adhered to.

Climate Control
Please leave the thermostat as set. Call the Ranger if a change is needed.

Cleaning supplies and equipment are provided.

Kitchen and Main Areas:
   Sweep and/or dust mop all floors.
   Wipe down counter tops, stove, microwave, and sink.
   Remove ALL food items from the refrigerator and wipe down.
   Put all utensils, dishes and pots & pans away.

   Wipe down sinks and toilets.
   Sweep and mop the bathroom floor.
   Empty garbage cans and personal hygiene dispensers.

Bag up garbage and place in dumpsters by the pole barn. We do not have recycling services, so please take recyclables home.

  • Please use fireplace for esthetics only.
  • No cooking in the fireplace.
  • Please bring your own wood and keep fires moderate in size.
  • Keep screen in front of fireplace opening at all times.
  • Shovel dead cinders into cinders bucket.

  • Shower is for emergency use only.
  • Arts & crafts projects are to be done in basement; no paint & glue upstairs.
  • Paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies are provided.
  • Please bring dishtowels, mess kits, and all cooking ingredients including condiments, spices and herbs.
  • Turn off all lights, fans, close and lock all windows when checking out.

CALL 911 for any fire or medical emergency, then notify Ranger. If possible, use a land-based phone (one of the pay phones) rather than a cell phone to make a 911 call. It is impossible for the dispatchers to know where a cellphone call originates from.

IMMEDIATELY report emergencies to Ranger such as toilets or sinks overflowing, furnace malfunctioning, or alarm ringing.

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