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Planning for Troop Camping

   Facilities/Fees (pdf file)
   Site Availability
   Reservation Procedures
   Camp DeWitt Use
      Arrival & Departure
      Fires & Stoves
      Program Center Use

Forms (pdf files)
   Camp Usage Application
   Trip/Camping Notification
   Clean-Up Check List
Parking at Camp DeWitt

Cars & Parking

Safety of the children, erosion, seasonal wet areas, buried pipes and emergency access are common concerns at camp. Roads are narrow with no turn-around space.
  • Adhere to posted speed limits throughout the camp.

  • Stay on the established camp roads.

  • Cars are NEVER allowed on the grass anywhere in camp. Parking or driving on the grass will result in the loss of security deposit plus additional fees may be added to cover the cost of needed repairs.

  • There is only one allotted car per site including the Program Center. All other cars must park in the main parking areas near the pool or the Pole Barn.

  • Campers and gear should be picked up or dropped off at the Program Center, Pole Barn or pool area parking lots.

  • Exceptions may be made through the camp administrator for handicapped persons or groups.

Mandatory Parking Patterns

Camp DeWitt does not have lined parking lots. To best accommodate our parking needs for program attendance, the following parking patterns should be observed.

Program Center: Programs scheduled for the Program Center, with a small number of participants, may park on either side of the circular driveway. Do not park in the center on the grass and do not park in the handicap spots unless you have a validated license. For large programs occurring at camp that require a registration at the Program Center, the driveway will be blocked off. Parking then should be at the Pole Barn and Pool parking lots.

Pole Barn Parking Lot: The Pole Barn parking requires cars to pull forward facing the Pole Barn. Keep an appropriate distance between cars to allow for entrance and exit from car. Too much space allows for fewer cars. There is room for a middle row of cars and then a last row facing the dumpster.

Pool Parking Lot: Parking at the Pool parking lot should begin with the first row facing the pool. Leave space between cars to allow for entrance and exit from car. A double row of cars can begin in the middle of the lot. The parking lot has an odd shape and, when the cars are parked properly, it will allow for a third smaller row of cars and maximum use of the space.

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