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Planning for Troop Camping

   Facilities/Fees (pdf file)
   Site Availability
   Reservation Procedures
   Camp DeWitt Use
      Arrival & Departure
      Fires & Stoves
      Program Center Use

Forms (pdf files)
   Camp Usage Application
   Trip/Camping Notification
   Clean-Up Check List
Housekeeping at Camp DeWitt

Platform Tents
These large canvas tents are mounted on wood platforms and have a waterproof rain fly. Do not adjust ropes or hang items from the ropes. If you roll up any of the tent flaps, be sure to unroll them before leaving. Bug and hair sprays are harmful to the tent waterproofing and fire retardant covering; please leave them at home.

Only the number of items checked on your Camp Application Form will be at your site. Responsible adults will report any damaged equipment or facility malfunction to the Ranger. Leave all borrowed equipment together so it can be checked and stored.

Food Storage/Refrigeration
The Program Center and DeWitt Cabin have refrigerators for groups using these facilities. For all other sites ice chests are recommended.

A large bin is located in the parking lot of the Pole Barn. Please condense and bag all garbage before placing in the bin. Keep the bin lid closed. Recycling is mandatory in Somerset County; you must take home all recyclable items.

Water must be carried during freezing weather from the Program Center, Hawley Cabin or DeWitt Cabin.

Platform tent units, DeWitt and Hawley Cabin, are serviced by pit latrines. Animals will nest and/or shred the toilet paper leaving the latrine a mess. Camp does not supply toilet paper, please remove it when you leave. See Latrine Usage.

Hand Washing Stations
Equipment Needed:
  • 2 gal. water jug with nozzle (may be purchased at any grocery store)
  • Antibacterial liquid soap in a pump bottle
  • Duct tape
  • Sharp knife
Secure soap bottle to side of water jug near the nozzle with duct tape. Cut "U" shaped hole on top of jug closer to the front for easier refilling. Prop jug on logs off of the ground so that the water runs away from washing station. Refill as needed. Encourage hand washing!

Toothbrushing at Sites Without a Wash House
When using a site without a bathroom or wash house, every effort should be made to dispose of water in an inconspicuous manner away from trails or tents. Use your foot or an implement to move aside a small area of leaf cover on the ground; spit toothpaste and discard rinse water in this area and cover up with leaves so there is no evidence left behind.

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