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Introduction to Online Volunteer Basic Module

This training is for volunteers who will NOT be working with a troop. If you are going to work with a troop, go to New Leader Basic Part 1.

You must complete Orientation before going on to this training. If you have not done so, go to the Orientation Training Module.  At the completion of the Orientation module you will have an opportunity to continue directly to Volunteer Basics.

System Requirements:
The module works well on all systems we've tested - except for those running Firefox browser. If your browser is Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher or Netscape version 3.0 or higher, you should be able to use the module successfully. The display is not very satisfactory using the Firefox browser.

A high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, or other broadband access) will allow the graphics to load faster, but a dial-up connection should give you a satisfactory experience.

If you experience any difficulties using this module, please let know.

Tips on Using:
When you click on the START TRAINING MODULE link below, you will open in the "frame mode." This mode splits your screen into two frames - one on the left with navigational links and one on the right with content. You can adjust the width of these frames (by dragging the divider that separates them) in order to see the content in a larger area and less of the navigational text, or vice versa. To advance to the next slide, click on the right-pointing arrow on the status bar underneath the slide.

Click on the left-pointing arrow to navigate to the previous slide.

The other mode is "full-screen" mode. In this mode your entire screen will be taken up with the content and you will not see the navigational frame or any of your menus or icon bars. To begin the full-screen mode, click on the icon on the status bar that's supposed to look like a little projection screen.

To advance to the next slide in this mode, click anywhere on the screen. To return to the previous slide, right-click on the screen and select "Previous." To return to the frames mode, press the Esc key on your keyboard or right-click on the screen and select "End Show."