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Silver Award Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Award Basics

Do I have to earn the Silver Award?
It is up each individual girl to decide if she wants to earn the Silver Award. That decision does not make you a good Girl Scout or a bad Girl Scout. It is just a choice, an option. The Silver Award is part of the Cadette Girl Scout program. It is not the entire Girl Scout program.

I am a troop advisor and some of the girls want to earn the Silver Award but not all of them. How do I manage the troop?
There are many options. You can have a Silver Award planning meetings for the girls who want to earn the Silver Award, alternating with general troop meetings, to plan troop activities. The girls can meet online to discuss their progress on the award. Girls who choose to earn the Silver Award can take advantage of council sponsored programs to complete Silver Award requirements. It is important to keep records of Silver Award requirements for all the girls, in case some decide to complete the award at a later date.

How do you recommend troop advisors keep track of each girl's progress?
Troop advisors should keep a "working copy" of the Silver Award Report Form for each girl in the troop. Girls should also have their own "working copies" to record their progress. Activities and dates completed can be tracked directly on the form.

There are two versions of the Silver Award. Which do I use?
As of September 2004, all girls who chose to earn the Silver Award, are to use the requirements in the Go For It: Silver Award Booklet.

Which books do I need to earn the Silver Award?
Each girl needs her own copy of the Go For It: Girl Scout Silver Award booklet, Interest Projects for Girl Scouts 11-17, uniquely Me! The Real Deal Focus Book and Looking In, Reaching Out Focus Book. You do not need the Cadette Girl Scout Handbook. Your troop advisor just needs one copy for the troop because many Interest Project Award activities refer to the Cadette Girl Scout Handbook.

The Prerequisites: Silver Leadership Award, Silver Career Award, Silver 4B's Challenge

The Go for It! Silver Award Booklet lists several steps, or requirements. Do they have to be completed in order?
The Silver Leadership Award, Career Award and 4B's Challenge can be earned in any order. Girls can also work on their requirements concurrently. The Silver Award project is then implemented after the other requirements are completed.

Can I use activities from school to complete Silver Award requirements?
Absolutely! Spend some time reviewing Interest Projects for Girl Scouts 11-17. Your class work may cover activities for IPAs such as Reading, Writing for Real or Computers in Everyday Life. If you are in the school play, you may have completed some of the activities of The Play's the Thing or The Performing Arts. If you are an officer of a club in school, you may have completed some leadership hours.

Can I use church activities, like singing in the choir or alter service to complete the Silver Award?
No. Activities that take place during church services cannot be counted for Girl Scout awards. You choose to attend and participate in religious services because you belong to a faith community.

What can I do to earn leadership hours?
There are so many options available to you to complete leadership hours. Some ideas within Girl Scouting include running a try-it workshop, teaching outdoor skills to younger girls, planning and running your own troop's meeting. Outside of Girl Scouts, you can run activities for a vacation bible school, serve as an officer in a school club or captain a sports team.

I'm attending the Camp Aide program this summer at Camp Dewitt. Can I use my volunteer week as leadership time?
No. Girls who attend Camp Aide at summer camp and complete one week of volunteer service will be presented with the Community Service Bar for Contributions to Girl Scouting. "Double Dipping", or using an activity for two awards, is prohibited.

The GSUSA website says that some hours from the 4B's Challenge may apply to the project, but this is not stated in the Go For It! Silver Award booklet. Could you please elaborate?
A minimal amount of time spent on the Challenge may apply to the project, if that activity relates directly to the planning and implementation of the project. For example, while researching an issue in your community, you learn about an organization that you would like to work with for your project and spoke that organization about what their needs are, or found a project mentor or project advisor, that specific time may be used for the project. The entire time spent in the Challenge does not count toward the project hours.

The Silver Award Project

Can I work on my Silver Award project before the other requirements are finished?
You may not begin your Silver Award project until the Silver Leadership Award, Career Award and 4B's Challenge have been completed. The skills you gain by completing these awards will help you successfully plan and implement your project.

Do I have to file a Silver Award intent form or attend an interview before beginning my project?
No. Intent forms, applications and interviews are not required to earn the Silver Award.

How many girls do recommend work on a Silver award project together?
Girls may complete their projects as individuals or in groups. It is recommended that no more than four girls work on a project together. A group project must large enough for each girl to have her own piece that she is responsible for, and each girl must complete a minimum of 40 hours on the project. A project for four girls will require a minimum of 160 work hours.

Can I use a troop money earner as my Silver Award project? No. The Silver Award project is a service project. You cannot earn money doing service. If you chose to run a program, like a badge workshop, as your Silver Award project, you can run it again, as a troop money earner, after your final report has been approved.

How can I get additional insurance or a certificate of insurance?
If your project requires the purchase of additional insurance or a certificate of insurance, contact Bobbi Achtel, by phone at (908) 725-1226 x122, or by email at , at least four weeks before your project date.

The Silver Award Final Report, Deadlines and Silver Award Pins.

I've completed my Silver Award project. What paperwork is required?
Each girl must fill out a Silver Award Report Form and Log. If more than one girl work on a project together, they must each fill out their own form, in their own words. Troop advisors and girls both sign and date the form. Forms are then mailed to the Council Service Center. Forms may also be dropped off in person. Faxed copies cannot be accepted. Original signatures are required.

I have also found a Silver Award Report Form on the GSUSA website. Can I use that one?
No. The version of the Silver Award report on the GSUSA website excludes some information that is asked for on the council version. This information is needed to assist the council staff in the approval and processing of Silver Awards.

When I submit my Silver Award report form, do I have to hand in the Go For It! Booklet?
No. The Go For It Booklet is yours to keep.

Does the time I spend filling out the forms count towards the project?
No. Time spend planning and implementing the project itself counts towards the forty hours required of the project. Filling out the forms is not part of the Silver Award project.

What happens after I submit my Silver Award Report Form?
After your report has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the council's Manager of Older Girl Program. If there are any questions regarding the report, the girls or troop advisor will be contacted by phone or mail. Upon approval, girls will receive a letter of congratulations. Troop advisors will also receive a letter authorizing the purchase of Silver Award pins. Troop advisors must bring this letter to with them to council shop, when purchasing pins.

What is the deadline for submitting Silver Award Report Forms?
The deadline to be honored for the 2007-2008 Scouting year is April 1, 2008. If your troop needs an extension through May 1, 2008, please contact Nancy Suhaka, the Manager of Older Girl Program, at .

If the girls choose to attend the awards dinner, who presents them with theirs pins? Do they have to be purchased ahead of time?
The troop advisor, or a troop-affiliated adult, presents the girls with their Silver Award pin, on stage, during the awards dinner. Pins must be purchased ahead of time. Extra pins will not be available at the dinner.

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