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Star Troop Questionnaire

This questionnaire must be completed by one or more girl troop members. The starred requirements are compulsory plus a minimum of five other requirements.
Junior Troop # _______ Service Unit # ____
Leader's Name _________________________ Phone # ________________
Address _________________________________________________________
While troops are encouraged to complete all 16 requirements, only 11 are needed for the Star Troop Award. Of the 11 requirements to be completed, the 6 starred (*) are compulsory.
* 1. Please give the date your troop registered ____________

Were your cookie and nut money in on time? _________

Have your Service Unit Nut and Cookie Managers sign below.

Nut ____________________     Cookie ____________________
* 2. List troop leader and assistant leader, and date of training completed. Each Junior troop must have two adult leaders or co-leaders. A troop must meet these two requirements:
A. New leaders must attend Orientation and Basic Training within first Girl Scouting year.
B. Experienced leaders (one or both) must attend an advanced workshop within current Girl Scouting year. Advanced workshop can be given by GSRHC, your service team, or organizations like Red Cross.
Title of Training Date Name of Trainee
* 3. Please fill out the Program Chart, listing at least one activity in each category and at least one activity for each Program Goal. (All blocks do not have to be completed.)
* 4. Leaders (or troop representatives) must attend a minimum of 6 Service Unit meetings. Have your Service Unit Manager or Service Team Representative sign here.
* 5. Plan and carry out at least 2 service projects not counting the required service projects from council. Please list them:

* 6. Girl/Adult Partnership is an important philosophy behind Girl Scouting. List examples of what your girls have planned.
7. Secure a signed sponsorship agreement for your troop. Name the sponsor.


List what reciprocal act of service your troop does for their sponsorship:
8. Plan and carry out at least one meaningful activity with another troop. (Bridging activity, Fly-up or Bridging Ceremony, Welcome Activity, Scout's Own, camping overnight). Briefly describe your troop's activity:
9. List at least 3 adults, other than leaders, and tell how they helped the troop.
10. Offer at least one outdoor hike and one outdoor cooking experience. Briefly describe your experience:
11. Tell about one summer troop activity other than that described in No. 10: (Summer meaning June 1 - August 31st)
12. Tell about a Service Unit or council-wide event your troop participated in:
13. List what your troop did for Thinking Day. Briefly describe how your troop earned money to contribute to the Juliette Low World Friendship fund. How much did your troop contribute?
14. Name one Badge or Sign that the troop earned together. Tell which part the girls enjoyed the most:
15. Other than Inchworm of Service, list one patch program (not badge, sign or participation patch) your girls completed the requirements for. These patches are listed in the blue section of the Leader's Program Guide - i.e. Everyone Belongs, Trees for Our Future, Paint the Town Blue, Girl Scouting: A World of Friendship, Focus on Abilitiy, NJ Heritage or any Contemporary Issue patch.
16. Plan and carry out an event in which non-Girl Scouts and/or parents were invited and briefly describe it.
We, the undersigned, approve and certify the above questionnaire.
Signature of Girl Troop Member _________________________
Signature of Troop Leader ______________________________
Number of girls earning patch _______
Number of girls earning star   _______

This application has been approved by:

Service Unit Junior Consultant _________________________ SU # _____ Date ________

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