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Important Information for Out of Council Troops

Safe & Sound Online Patch

For Daisies & Brownies
Safe and Sound patch This patch program is designed for parents to sit down and do with their own child at the computer. After you have visited all the websites and learned the important information, please print the quiz that follows and have your daughter answer it. When she is done, have your daughter take the completed quiz to her Troop Leader so the leader can purchase the Safe & Sound patch for her.
1. Stranger Danger - Children often believe that if the man who offers them a ride is a friend's dad, they can go with him. Many times this is true, but not always.
  • Teach your child never to open the door if they are home alone.
  • Make your child memorize their address and phone number.
  • Make sure your child knows their parents' full name - not Mommy or Daddy!
  • Go to this website and go over it with your child: www.drpbody.com/Strangers.html.
2. Fire Safety - If there is a fire in your house, do you know what to do?
  • Discuss exit routes out of every room in your house.
  • Does your family have an outside meeting place?
  • Do you have smoke detectors on every floor?
  • Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?
  • Go to this website and go over it with your child: http://www.firesafety.gov/kids/flash.shtm.
3. Burns - Usually burns occur in the kitchen of a home.
  • Remember all burns are treated with cold water.
  • Teach your child to call an adult for further first aid if needed.
  • Go to this website and go over it with your child: www.parentingpress.com/t_991023.html.
4. Poisons - Every house has many items that if swallowed or make contact with the skin can cause a severe reaction. Household cleaners, medicines, vitamins, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine can be dangerous for children.
  • Make sure all your cabinets are child-proof and show your child the measures you have taken to keep them safe.
  • Remember the too much alcohol, medication or vitamins can be dangerous for a child.
  • Go to this website and go over it with your child: www.helpkeepkidssafe.org.
5. Bicycle Safety - It is the law that all children wear bike helmets when they are riding their bikes. The law only forces children to wear helmets, but adults should set the example.
  • They should be wearing a helmet not only for bike riding but also skateboarding, roller blading and riding scooters!
  • Instruct your child on the proper fit and placement of their helmet of their head. It should on the top of their head on tilted back.
  • Go to this website and go over it with your child: www.cpsc.gov/kids/kidsafety/index.html.
Print out the Safety Quiz and have your child answer all the questions. Make sure she understands the importance of each point. When she is done, have her give the completed quiz to her leader so the leader can purchase the patch in the Council Shop - Patches Plus for your daughter.