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For Rolling Hills Troops only!

Rolly Raccoon

Rolly Raccoon patch Every Brownie Troop in Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council is invited to become a Rolly Raccoon Troop. A Rolly Raccoon Troop is any troop registered by October 1st which meets at least 11 requirements between September 1st and August 31st.


The Rolly Raccoon award has been established to help achieve high standards of troop program for all Brownie troops in Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council.

Application Procedures:

  1. Use the Preorder Form (found on last page of Rolly Raccoon application) to inform your Service Unit Consultant by the January Leaders' Meeting if your troop is working on Rolly and indicate how many patches and stars you will need.
  2. The girls and their leader will decide when they have met the requirements. Requirements must be met during a full year's program.
  3. The questionnaire should be completed and signed by one or more girl troop members and then by the Service Unit Brownie Consultant.
  4. While troops are encouraged to complete all 16 requirements, only 11 are needed for the Rolly Raccoon award. Of the 11 requirements to be completed, the six starred (*) are compulsory.
  5. Present your completed and signed (by consultant) questionnaire/application and program chart after April 15 at the point of purchase in the shop.


Each member of the troop will be eligible to wear the Rolly Raccoon patch which is sewn on the back of her vest/sash. Members of troops qualifying for more than one year will be eligible to wear a star each additional year the troop qualifies.

To pre-order patches:  place order at January Leaders' Meeting

To purchase patches:  present signed application and program chart at shop after April 15


Rolly Raccoon Application (as a Word document)
Rolly Raccoon Application (as an Adobe pdf file)
Rolly Raccoon pre-order form (included in application download)
Rolly Raccoon questionnaire (included in application download)
Rolly Raccoon program chart (included in application download)