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Important Information for Out of Council Troops

Ladybug Patch Program

A Fun Program to Get to Know This Little Lady

Just like Girl Scouts, ladybugs help the environment. Please have the girls do the indicated number of activities and enjoy!!

Hint: You will find many of the facts and activities at

Find the Facts
Number to complete in this section: Daisy: 2; Brownie: 4; Junior: 6; Older Girl: All
1. Why don't birds eat Ladybugs?
2. Why do farmers and gardeners like Ladybugs?
3. What state(s) have the Ladybug as the official state insect?
4. Are all Ladybugs ladies?
5. In what way do Ladybugs chew differently?
6. When do Ladybugs stop flying?
7. How many times a second does a Ladybug beat its wings when flying?
8. What is the favorite food of Ladybugs?
9. What do Ladybugs do during the cold weather?
10. In what "Class" do Ladybugs belong?
11. Will a Ladybug hurt you?
12. Should we destroy Ladybugs?

Ladybug Lore
Number to discuss in this section: Daisy: 1; Brownie: 2; Junior: 4; Older Girl: All
(Discuss what "lore" means first.)
1. If a Ladybug lands on the hand of a young, unmarried woman, she will soon marry (Sweden).
2. Some people believe the number of spots on the Ladybug indicate the number of children you will have.
3. Count the number of spots on a Ladybug to know how many dollars will soon come your way.
4. If the number of spots on a Ladybug is less than 7, it will be a good harvest year.
5. Just finding a Ladybug means you will have a good harvest(England).
6. Or finding a Ladybug in your house in the winter foretells of good luck to come.
7. If you are sick and a Ladybug lands on you, then flies away, the illness leaves with it (France).
8. The term "Lady" comes from the Middle Ages, when there was a devastating insect invasion of the crops. The Catholic farmers prayed to the "Virgin Mary" for help. The little red spotted beetle appeared and ate the invaders. So "The Beetles of Our Lady" saved the crops, and became known as "Lady Beetles," a name that later became know as "Ladybugs."

Songs, Games & Crafts
Number to do in this section: Daisy: 1; Brownie: 2; Junior: 3; Older Girl: 4
1. Make a Ladybug craft.
2. Write a short story about a Ladybug.
3. Write a poem about a Ladybug.
4. Learn a song about a Ladybug.
5. Make up a game about Ladybugs.
6. Have a discussion about the importance of Ladybugs.
7. Learn how to say "Ladybug" in different languages.

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