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Inchworm of Service

Inchworm of Service patch
Service to the community has always been a part of Girl Scouting. The intent of the Inchworm of Service is to recognize the service girls perform while they represent Girl Scouting. Each troop leader should provide opportunities for her Girl Scouts to perform service. All troops must perform the two Required Service Projects assigned to each service unit. At the Daisy and Brownie levels, service is performed as a troop. Junior, Cadette, and Senior Girl Scouts can perform acts of service individually and as a troop if they are SOLELY representing Girl Scouts when the act of service is performed.

Service performed for another organization as part of that organization's requirements does not count. For example: if a girl is required to perform hours of service as part of her religious instruction, this does not count for the Inchworm of Service because she represents another organization when the service was performed.

No one representing Girl Scouting can collect money for another organization, as cited in the Blue Book of Basic Documents for Girl Scouting. For example: walking in a fund-raising walk for the Diabetes Association is not service to Girl Scouting because money is being earned for another organization; however, girls could participate by doing other things such as handing out water bottles to participants. Running a booth at a fair for another organization or making a craft item to donate to that organization to sell at a fair is service as long as the girls have nothing to do with money.

Hours of service must be accumulated in one scouting year - and may not be carried over.

Troop Level Hours of Service
Daisy 5
Brownie 10
Junior 15
Cadette 20
Senior 25

To pre-order patches: place order at January Leaders' Meeting

To purchase patches: present signed application at shop after April 15

The patch and level rocker are awarded for hours of service given. It may be earned only once during a Girl Scouting year. During the second and third year of participation, an inch segment (a "worm") can be earned and should be worn under the level rocker. All Inchworm of Service patches, level rockers and segments are to be worn on the back of the girl's sash or vest. A Daisy should place this patch and Daisy rocker on the back of her Brownie sash or vest when she bridges. This is the only patch that gets moved to the back of the new vest as the girl bridges up each level.

How to Order Inchworm of Service
1. Leaders keep track of all service performed for their troop. If a Junior, Cadette or Senior Girl Scout earns service time outside the troop experience, it should be reported to her leader to record with the service records. Every Girl Scout should have her yearly service hours listed in her permanent record.
2. Do not stop recording service time after a girl earns the required amount of hours for her level. Her permanent record should reflect all her service time!
3. When the required number of hours are completed, fill out the application form and submit it to your Service Unit Service Projects Manager for signature. It must be signed or you will not be able to purchase Inchworm patches/segments.
4. Your orders will be filled directly at the Council Shop after April 15th. Remember you must preorder in January.

There is a separate recording sheet for Daisy & Brownie Leaders and for Junior, Cadette & Senior Leaders!
Download Inchworm of Service Application
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Where to place Inchworm of Service on the uniform