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Important Information for Out of Council Troops

Everyone Belongs Patch


The Girl Scouts of Rolling Hills Council's, "Everyone Belongs" patch requires the individual or troop to complete specific requirements in exploring four broadly designated cultures:
  • Asian
  • African
  • Latino
  • European
and one elective culture denoted by the United Nations rocker.

The elective culture is designed to allow an individual or troop to choose a specific culture unique to their interest or family heritage. The patch is thereby earned in 5 parts and will fit together to form one patch when all sections have been earned.

All levels are required to complete one activity from each of the five groupings:

  • Globe activity
  • Food activity
  • Language activity
  • Culture activity
  • Folk Art/Craft activity

Program boxes are available for a variety of individual countries within the Asian, African, European and Latino cultures. One starred activity in each of the five groupings will be able to be completed by use of the program boxes. Because each individual culture is unique, the starred activities will vary in each program box. See list of countries/cultures available as program boxes.

  1. Globe Activity
    1. Find the flag or national symbol of your chosen country, or
    2. Identify the natural resources or economic base available in the country of choice.
  1. Food
    1. Visit a grocery/produce market selling your chosen country's produce.
    2. Prepare a specific dish.
  1. Language
    1. Find the language(s) spoken in this country.
    2. Learn a minimum of 2 greetings.
  1. Culture
    1. What is the native/national dress?
    2. Learn a dance or song from this country.
    3. Play a game original to your chosen country.
  1. Folk Art/Craft - Do the following individually or as a troop.
    1. Make a craft representative of your chosen country.
    2. Attend a heritage day, cultural festival, or community program for chosen country to explore its culture, or
    3. Celebrate a significant date or event for your chosen country.
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