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Discover DeWitt Try-it

For Rolling Hills Troops only!

Discover DeWitt Try-It patch Discover interesting aspects of the past, present, and future of Camp DeWitt.

To earn the Try-It you must complete four requirements including the one starred.

1. Take a hike around camp and find out how the camp and all the sites got their names.
2. Draw a map of the camp.
3. Create and follow a number trail.
4. Plan a play or skit about DeWitt or camp safety.
5. Go brooking and learn about DeWitt's wildlife - make a list of all the animals found in the camp.
6. Plan and make a high energy snack for a day at camp.
7. Discover those who lived at DeWitt before it was a camp.
8. *Choose a trail at camp and take a hike. Discuss hiking safety, proper clothing and first aid. Learn some stretches to use to warm up before your hike. Use the buddy system.
9. Participate in a scavenger hunt - use clues to go from site to site or have a list of items to collect from each site. Make up your own or use the one provided.
10. Learn basic campfire safety and how to safely use a fire ring. Make a snack, like s'mores or hunny bears over a campfire or with a camp stove.
11. Make a list of gear you need for each of the following kinds of camping that can be done at Camp Dewitt: day camping, pitched tent camping, platform tent camping and cabin camping. How do you care for each kind of campsite? Learn how to pitch a tent.
12. Learn about all the different jobs that are needed to make camp run. Talk to an older Girl Scout or leader about their experiences working at summer camp at Dewitt.
13. Learn what a kaper chart is. Make one for your trip to camp.
Revised 5/07