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Brownie Craft Sampler Try-it

Brownie Craft Sampler Try-it Patch Goal - To introduce Brownie Girl Scouts to different mediums in art.

To complete this try-it, do any 4 requirements.

1. Candlemaking - Learn to make candles. Dip candles and ice candles are easy starts for girls. This requires adult supervision, but the girls can "dip" lengths of candle wick into pots of melted wax to accumulate wax in layers. To make "Ice" candles, cut a 7 inch length of candlewick, attach to a stick and suspend over a small milk carton. Fill with crushed ice and pour melted wax into carton. Let harden, then unmold.

2. Decoupage - Using wrapping paper, magazines or any pretty pictures, have the girls cut out pieces and glue onto a box (Cigar boxes work well). After everything dries, coat the box with a decoupage glaze or Mod Podge. Let dry.

3. Mosaic tiles - Make tile dishes. Have the girls make designs in the metal bases first, then glue. Next meeting, grout the dishes. Supplies can be purchased through craft catalogs or at craft stores.

4. Copper foil - Using foil molds, rubbing sticks and copper foil, RUB to make the pictures form. Girls can make frames for their pictures from popsicle sticks. Supplies can be purchased through craft catalogs.

5. Tin punch - Tin can lanterns can be made from recycled cans. Any size can will do.Fill them with water to a 1/4 inch below the rim. Freeze for about 2 days, then using a hammer or 4" X 4" block of wood and a nail with a large head, punch holes into the can to make a design. Add a small votive candle and it is done!

6. Relief and splatter painting - Using leaves and/or flowers, construction paper, paint and old toothbrushes, first place the leaves onto the construction paper and "splatter" paint with the toothbruhes around the leaves. Then using the same leaves, dip lightly in paint and press the relief print onto the paper. HAve the girls judge the different effects.

7. Weaving - Using a simple cardboard "loom" (a 5" X 6" cardboard with 1/2" slits cut in short end), have the girls bring a length of yarn up through the first slit and cirlce the cardboardputting the yarn through each slit. With another piece of yarn "weave" over and under back and forth on front side only. When loom is full cut back strings to become fringe.

8. Homemade paper - This is easy but a bit messy. Old telephone books work well! Make a scrapbook, notecard or invitation using the paper the girls have made.

9. Leather - Many kits are available, but you can make your own. Have the girls learn to paint and/or lace a leather purse, bracelet, or barrette.

10. Tie dye - Anything can be dyed in many creative ways. Try to do something other than a T-shirt.

11. Clay beads - Beads can be made from salt dough and painted or from pre-colored Sculpty or Filmo clay and air dried or baked. String onto plastic lanyard or cord.

12. Papier mache masks - Newspaper strips, balloons, flour & water or white glue are all you need. On blown up balloons have the girls cover half the balloon to form a mask. Several layers will be needed, then it must dry. Cut holes for eyes and nose; add elastic to fit head or a tongue depressor at the bottom front to hold. Use paint or markers to decorate.


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