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Rolling Hills Council's Own Recognition Requirements

Important Information for Out of Council Troops
Important Information for Councils Only

Also see GSUSA Recognition Requirements

Requirements for Best Bones Interest Project AwardBest Bones Cadette/Senior IPA

Requirements for Healthy Hearts Interest Project AwardHealthy Hearts IPA

Requirements for NJ Naturalist Interest Project AwardNew Jersey Naturalist IPA

Requirements for Nursing: Many Faces, Many Choices IPA Nursing: Many Faces, Many Choices IPA

Requirements for Scrapping and Stamping Interest Project Award Scrapping & Stamping IPA

Requirements for Sweet Shoppe Interest Project AwardSweet Shoppe Cadette/Senior IPA

Requirements for Best Bones Junior BadgeBest Bones Junior Badge

Requirements for Engineering Junior badgeEngineering Junior Badge

Requirements for Nature at Night Junior BadgeNature at Night Junior Badge

Requirements for Self Defense Junior BadgeSelf Defense Junior Badge

Requirements for Sweet Shoppe Junior BadgeSweet Shoppe Junior Badge

Requirements for Birds Brownie Try-itBirds Brownie Try-it

Requirements for Cosmic Adventures Try-ItCosmic Adventures Brownie Try-It

Requirements for Craft Sampler Brownie Try-itCraft Sampler Brownie Try-it

Creepy Crawlers patch requirementsCreepy Crawlers Brownie Try-It

Requirements for Discover DeWitt Try-itDiscover DeWitt Brownie Try-it
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Horsin' Around Safely Try-itHorsin' Around Safely Brownie Try-it

Requirements for NJ Naturalist Brownie Try-ItNew Jersey Naturalist Brownie Try-It

Requirements for Powwows & Tipis Try-itPowwows & Tipis Brownie Try-it

As of June 2006, GSRHC no longer offers the Chef Stuff Junior badge. As of April, 2007, the World of Friendship patch program has been discontinued.

Requirements for Sourland Mountains Try-itSourland Mountains Brownie Try-it

Requirements for Sweet Shoppe Brownie Try-ItSweet Shoppe Brownie Try-It

Requirements for Water Fun Try-itWater Fun Brownie Try-it

Requirements for Add-A-Friend patchAdd-A-Friend-Patch
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Everyone Belongs PatchEveryone Belongs Patch

Requirements for Inchworm of Service PatchInchworm of Service
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Ladybug PatchLadybug Patch

Requirements for Marketing Awareness PatchMarketing Awareness Patch

Requirements for NJ Heritage patchNew Jersey Heritage Patch

Requirements for Paint the Town Blue PatchPaint the Town Blue Patch
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Rolly Raccoon Brownie PatchRolly Raccoon Patch for Brownies
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Safe and Sound patchSafe and Sound Patch for Daisies & Brownies

Requirements for Star Troop Junior PatchStar Troop Patch for Juniors
Rolling Hills troops only

Requirements for Trees for the Future PatchTrees For the Future Patch

Requirements for United Way PatchUnited Way Patch

Requirements for Walking in George Washington's Footsteps PatchWalking in George Washington's Footsteps Patch

Also see GSUSA Recognition Requirements