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2008 Nut & QSP Sale Info for Troops

Important Dates - 2007 Nut Sale

August - December
Leaders recruit and give job description to Troop Nut Sale Manager.
Give Service Unit Nut Manager the name, phone number and email address of your Troop Nut Manager.

By January 29
Troop Nut Sale Manager meets with Service Unit Nut Sale Manager for Training.

January 9 - February 6
Troop leaders do Goal Setting with girls. Help each girl set her goal to help the troop.
Troop Nut Sale Manager attends Troop Meeting to train girls and pass out girl materials.
Troop Nut Sale Manager obtains signed permission slips for any new girls.

February 7 - February 24 - Girls Take Orders
Girl Scouts take Nut/Candy and Subscription Orders. No money is collected at this time.
Fill out QSP Magnet Booklets.

February 25 - February 28
Troop Nut Sale Manager collects order cards, MagNet booklets, subscription orders, and assembles troop order.

By February 28 - Troop Orders Due
Troop Nut Order, QSP MagNet Booklets and Subscription Orders due to SU Nut Sale Manager.

Week of March 31 - Nuts/Candy Delivered to Stations
Troop must pick up from delivery station on day of delivery and distribute to girls promptly.
Nuts/Candy are distributed to girls with their Order Cards and Money Envelopes.
Parent must initial Troop Order/Report Form when picking up nuts.
Stress due date for payments from girls.

March 31 - April 27 - Girls Deliver Nuts/Candy
Girls deliver Nuts/Candy to customers, collect money and turn in to Troop Nut Sale Manager.
All money is deposited into troop account. Ask bank for a duplicate deposit slip for your SU Nut Manager.

April 27 - May 1
Troop Nut Manager verifies amount due to Council on SU website or with SU Nut Manager.
Note: Do not pay bill in full unless payment has been received from all parents.
If full payment has not been received from a parent, contact Council Product Sales Manager to have bill adjusted.

By May 1 - Troop Money Due
Troop money due to Service Unit Nut Sale Manager.

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