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Gold Award Information for Senior Girl Scouts & their Advisors

Senior Girl Scouts interested in earning the Gold Award and their advisors need to know the following information regarding the Gold Award:

  1. The Go For It: Gold Award booklet has all of the information required for completing the Gold Award requirements and the Gold Award project.
  2. The Gold Award steps 1-4 must be completed before a Gold Award application is submitted. To meet the requirements girls must earn the Gold Leadership Award (three IPA's, one focus book and 30 leadership hours) the Gold Career Award and the Gold 4B's Challenge. These requirements must be completed as registered Senior Girl Scouts. Work done at the Cadette level does not count.
  3. A girl must not begin her Gold Award project until she has submitted her application and received written approval from council. GSUSA states "girls should submit their Gold Award application at least six weeks prior to beginning their projects." Applications are available in the GSRHC library or download from the Forms & Documents page.
  4. A Gold Award project must meet the expressed needs of the community . Gold award projects may not benefit the Girl Scouting community.
  5. Each girl is required to spend at least 65 individual hours planning, designing and implementing her Gold Award project. Individual projects are highly recommended. If two or more girls are working together on a partner project, each girl must specify how she will spend 65 individual hours of separate responsibility. Each half of the project must be able to stand alone and be "Gold Award worthy." Partner projects are to be designed so that the failure of one girl to complete her half will not affect the success of the other gold award applicant. Each girl must fill out her own application in her own words.
  6. Girls cannot collect money for outside organizations; however, they may ask for goods and services. Any fundraising or solicitation of materials needs to be approved by council.
  7. Girls must complete and submit a Gold Award Final Report Form to council as soon as they have completed their projects. The Final Report Form may be downloaded from the Forms & Documents page.
  8. Each girl must choose a project advisor who is not her troop advisor or a family member. Project advisors should be related to the topic of the project.
  9. Graduating Seniors and girls who would like to receive their Gold Award at the June 8, 2008 awards dinner must submit their applications by January 4, 2008. Final reports are due no later than April 1, 2008.

The responsibility of completing the Gold Award rests solely on the Senior Girl Scout. The troop advisor is there to guide her. If girls have any questions about the Gold Award they should contact Nancy Suhaka at (908) 725-1226 or by .