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All About Cookies
Cookie Information for Troops

How the Cookie Crumbles

Out of every $3.50 per box...

91¢ pays the bakery.

50¢-90¢ goes directly to troops.

11¢ goes to girls in the form of patches, recognitions and cookie credits.

$1.58-$1.98 supports programs and services, such as 13,228+ girl program slots, 1,650 camp registrations, over 200 safety, leadership, and skills enhancement trainings for adult volunteers, scholarships for those in need, etc.
All proceeds from the Cookie Sale stay right here to provide Girl Scouting for more than 10,200 girls in the Rolling Hills Council area. When asked, "How much money do you get out of this?" Girl Scouts should eagerly respond, "ALL OF IT!"

Some of the money goes directly to troops, part of it is used to pay for girl recognitions and the remaining money is used to provide Girl Scouting for all girls.