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Cookie Information for Troops

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Requirements for Return of Cookies

If you would like to return unsold cookies after your sale, you must return them by noon on the Tuesday immediately following your booth sale. Cookies not returned by the Tuesday noon deadline must be paid for by the troop.

For your convenience, cookies can be returned from 9am - 8pm on Mondays 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3, and 12/10 and 9am - noon on Tuesdays. (Please note, the Council Office is not open for any other business after 5pm on Mondays.)

Booth Sale Reservation Forms

SU 6, 12, 13, 14, & 15
Use the Green Form for Booth Sales before 11/5 if your SU has delivery before your sale.

For all other dates use the Blue Form and pick up cookies at Council Service Center.

All other SU's -
Use the Green Form for Booth Sales held after SU delivery but before 11/26.

Use the Blue Form for Booth Sales prior to SU delivery or after 11/25 and pick up cookies at Council Service Center.

Booth Sale Evaluation Report

You can save the file onto your computer and email it to Louise Fraser (LFRASER@girlscouts-rh.org ) or print it and mail/bring it to Council when returning leftover cookies.

Excel version
If you have Excel on your computer, please select the Excel version.

Word version
If you do not have Excel, use the Word version but be sure to type only in the green cells. If you type in the white cells you may be deleting a formula. Be sure to follow the instructions regarding calculations. You will need to "re-calculate" using the instructions any time you make a change to a number in one of the green cells.

Booth Sale Patch
Order patches by November 30 for distribution at January Leader's Meeting. Final date for ordering is February 1.
Booth Sale Patch Order Form

Intertroop Cookie Transfers
If you have left-over cookies from your booth sale or are looking for more, you may transfer cookies from one troop to another. Look for other troops having booth sales the same weekend on this listing of all sales. The file includes the procedure for making the transfer. (Requires a SU username & password.)
File will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Cookie Costumes
A limited number of cookie costumes are available for girls to wear at their booth sales. If you would like to reserve one please email . Costumes may be picked up at the Council office and must be returned by noon on the Tuesday immediately following your booth sale so other troops can use them the next weekend.

Cookie Information for Troops
All About Cookies